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Great Helmet, Pembridge style AH3829N Great Helmet, Pembridge style

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I am selling a high quality authentic copy of a crusaders' helmet in original size.
This style of helmet was used in the 12th to the 14th century.
Archeologists named this the "Pembridge" helmet. Its original is now shown in the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh.

The helmet with its narrow eye slits was the most famous of the crusaders' helmets.. It is ready to wear and will fit everybody, even a "big" head.

It is 29 cms/11.5 inches high (front) and 23 cms/9 inches in the back. It measures inside 23 cms./ 9" from ear to ear.

It was made handmade from 17 gauge steel and weighs 2 kgs./ 4.4 lbs.

Great Helmet, Pembridge style

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Subject:AH3829N Great Helmet, Pembridge style