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Roman Italic G reenactors helmet (100-150 AD) AH6056N Roman Italic G reenactors helmet (100-150 AD)

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I am selling a reenactor's Roman helmet in original size. This style of helmet with hinged cheek pieces was used in Roman legions from 100 - 150AD. You will find that throughout the centuries helmets in the Roman armies differed in style, but reenactors today prefer the style of our helmets made by Deepeeka and we trust you will prefer them too. The original helmet was found in a cave near Hebron and it is presumed that it may have been lost at the time of the Jewish uprising against the Romans in the years 132 till 135 AD.

Our reproduction fits a head size of up to 63cms, with padding you can make it fit for smaller heads. It was handmade from 18 gauge steel, trimmed in brass and weighs 1.9 kg (abt. 4.2 lbs.)

Roman Italic G reenactors helmet (100-150 AD)

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Subject:AH6056N Roman Italic G reenactors helmet (100-150 AD)