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Gothic battle dagger, 15th century P1028 Gothic battle dagger, 15th century

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I am selling a replica of this European medieval dagger.
It was developed in the 14th century and used from the early 1500's until the invention of firearms made them obsolete.

After that until today they are still being used for ceremonial purposes, collectors and LARP, because original pieces are almost unobtainable and very expensive.

Our reproduction is mainly for decoration and role play, it has an 30.5 cms./12" long steel blade, 14 cms/5.5" long quillons (cross guards), and a stitched black leather grip.
Its sheath is made from sturdy black leather and can be attached easily to any belt (see right photo).

For use on stage, these daggers have blunt edges and a rounded tip.
These swords and daggers have penned pommels (the tang runs through the pommel and is pounded flat).

Overall length of this dagger is 45 cms/17".
Weight : 0.8 kgs (approx. 2 lbs.).

Gothic battle dagger, 15th century

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Subject:P1028 Gothic battle dagger, 15th century