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French 18th cent. champagne sabre P47K French 18th cent. champagne sabre

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This is the most often used type of sword to open champagne bottles!

The old French tradition of the "Sabrage" cracking of champagne bottles has become a popular party gag, which you can now enjoy as well.

Instructions how to do it are easily found under google searchwords sabrage, champagne swords, etc.

A copy of the regular pattern ANXI French infantry hanger is offered with item No. P47; it was introduced as a standard weapon into many European states' infantries in the 19th century.

This is a shorter replica version of the French infantry sabre which is perfect as Champagne sabrage sabre.
It is said that in 1812 Napoleon used his sword to open a bottle of Champagne after a victorious battle. From then on this "art" was celebrated ceremoneously as "sabrage" amongst the gentry.

Our sword has a cast brass handguard and a curved steel blade 45 cms./17.5" long.

Total length of sword (blade in black leather scabbard with brass furniture):
67 cm
total lenghs: 67 cm
Blade length: 45 cm
Weight : 1.1 kgs/ 2.3 lbs.

It is ideal for role play and display.

French 18th cent. champagne sabre

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