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Halberd, 15th and 16th century A17P Halberd, 15th and 16th century

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We sell this fine steel reproduction helberd head which was actually developed for theatrical use and is now available for everybody for decoration and role play.

The actual shafts of halberds were about 7 feet long, such a shaft has to be fixed to the head supplied. You will probably and easily find a wooden shaft to fit in a DIY store near you.
Please note that the cutting edges and points have to be filed down as only blunt weapons are allowed on stage.

Overall length of the head: 20 inch / 50 cm
Width aprox 11 inch / 27 cm
Its blade is made from 18 gauge (1.2 mm) steel
Weight 1 kg / 2 lbs

Halberd, 15th and 16th century

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Subject:A17P Halberd, 15th and 16th century