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German M18 helmet, WW1, best quality reproduction AH6044P German M18 helmet, WW1, best quality reproduction

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This helmet was introduced to the German troops in April 1916 as it was needed for trench warfare in the Great War of 1914 to 1918.We are now offering the modified version of 1918.Factory issue helmets were generally field gray in color.Troops often repainted their helmets in camoflague colors, although factory-applied camoflague paint was documented.German Army Order II.No 91 366, signed by General Ludendorff on July 7, 1918, outlined official standards for helmet camoflague.The order stipulated that helmets should be painted in several colors, separated by a finger-wide black line.The colors should be relevant to the season, such as using green brown and ochre during the summer.When the winter came, they should have been painted white, but the war was already over, as everybody knows, on November 11th.

This helmet is of outstanding quality, made for reenactors and collectors.
18 gauge steel was used, so our helmet weighs exactly the same as the original helmet:
1.25 kgs./2.75 lbs.
The bolts on each side of the helmet were intended to carry a protection shield against snipers, which was very heavy and not very popular amongst the soldiers.
These bolts are hollow for ventilation under the helmet.
Helmet size is "Kopfweite Gr.60" (hat size 60 cm = 23.6" circumference).

German M18 helmet, WW1, best quality reproduction

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Subject:AH6044P German M18 helmet, WW1, best quality reproduction