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Viking shield (Bayeux tapestry) primed+unpainted AH6756 Viking shield (Bayeux tapestry) primed+unpainted

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When William the Conqueror sailed across theChannel in 1066 he took 3000 horses on 700 small sailing boats with him and headed from the Normandy across the channel to England. In the following battle William's army was victorious due largely to his cavalry assisted by archers.

They charged into the wall of shields put up by the Saxon infantry and were victorious. On the wellknown Bayeux tapestry one can see how the Norman cavalry (shields on the left side) clash with the English infantry in bitter conflict.

The cavalry shields were held with 2 strong leather straps (one hung over the shoulder and the other over the left arm).
The cavalry kite shield replica is made from wood and weighs 3 kgs.(6 1/2 lbs.):

It is 128 cms. (52.3") high and 56 cms.(22")wide.
Out of our production we have left a few shields unpainted for modern Vikings who want to paint their own design on their shield.

Viking shield (Bayeux tapestry) primed+unpainted

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Subject:AH6756 Viking shield (Bayeux tapestry) primed+unpainted