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Light Weight Chain Mail Coif R56 Light Weight Chain Mail Coif

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Length / Weight
Chest Size: 0 cm 0.0 inch
Length from Shoulder: 0 cm 0.0 inch
Sleeve Length: 0 cm 0.0 inch
Weight: 1.3 kg 2.9 lbs

Large Light Weight Chain Mail Coif, only half the weight of other designs.

We are proud to introduce our newest chain mail coifs. These weigh only half of previous steel chain mail models and so will be light and comfortable on your head.

Of course, these coifs are not intended for "sword battles?. They are a completely new product, handmade from duraluminium, and whilst not as strong as spring steel, they are suitable for all other role-play activities. The garments are grey in colour, just between our shiny zinc plated and blackened steel models.

In order to protect the face rim of your coif, we have added a leather binding around the edge. If you feel that your coif opening is too small, you can easily make it larger with a set of cutters and replace the leather binding afterwards.

Measurements of coif:
length : 17.7 inch, made from 16 gauge aluminum rings, combined in the early pattern (4 rings through the 5th), inner ring dia. 3/8" (10 mms).

Light Weight Chain Mail Coif

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