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Strong sword with slice pommel P36 Strong sword with slice pommel

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This replica sword was developed in 2000 in England; the style conforms to the 14th century models, with the typical Gothic round slice pommel. The weapon is hand forged, the blade is high carbon steel.

Technical data:
Total length 92 cm / 36.2"
Length of blade: 75 cm / 29.5"
Width of blade: 4 cm / 1.5" near the pommel, 2.4 cm / 0.94" at the tip
Strength of blade: 6 mm / 0.23" (mid rib) to 4 mm / 0.15" at the cutting edge.
Short guard: 15 cm / 5.9"
Weight (without sheath): 2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs.
Leather sheath: 77 cm x 5 cm width / 30.3 x 2", with a strap to attach it to the belt.

The blade has got a full tang (not screwed), the pommel is covered with leather.

Strong sword with slice pommel

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