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Roman rectangular shield - wooden D53 Roman rectangular shield - wooden

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I am selling an authentic copy of a Roman shield in original size.

This style of shield with its handmade painted design was copied from grave steles for legionnaires and trajan's column (see below) in Rome.
Such a shield was in use around 50 to 200 AD.

It is made from plywood with a linen surface and a rim of brass.
It weighs abt. 4 kgs. (9 lbs).

Overall height: 100 cms. (40 inch)
Overall width: 73 cms. (29 inch) measured along the surface.
Thickness: 1,3 cm

Its brass buckle can be easily mounted and de-mounted by 8 screws with brass knobs on top as shown on my bottom photo.

Now, see the image of a Roman warfare "testudo", the protective screen of overlapping shields held overhead and on the sides:

Roman rectangular shield - wooden

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Subject:D53 Roman rectangular shield - wooden