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Celtic Helmet (Brass coating) AH5503 Celtic Helmet (Brass coating)

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Archaeologists have uncovered Celtic helmets throughout their territory. The highest concentration and numbers of finds have been in the lands of the Senones tribe. It is in this area of northern Italy that lie the Montefortino burial grounds.
The ancient writer, Tacitus, stated that the British Celts (and Germans) did not wear helmets. Indeed, very few Celtic helemts have been found in Britain (I am aware of only two - both now housed in the British Museum).
So, it appears that helmets were common only among the Gauls, the upper class warriors in particular. These high-quality helmet designs were a great influence on Roman armorers.

This Celtic or Gallic helmet is made of carbon steel with brass coating and it features hinged cheek pieces. Includes a padded arming cap.

The helmet is oval shaped, size approx. 59/60.
Material thickness approx. 11 gauge = 3 mm.
Weight approx. 2 kg.

Celtic Helmet (Brass coating)

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Subject:AH5503 Celtic Helmet (Brass coating)