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French Adrian helmet, WW1 AH6141 French Adrian helmet, WW1

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This helmet was used from 1914 as protection against shell splinters by the French general Adrian. This headgear was successful against 2/3 of all splinters and thus became a mass product for the French army.

The daily production was raised to 7.500 pieces per day until August 1917.
The Belgian, Russian, Italian, Romanian and Serbian armies adopted the Adrian. This influenced also the British army to develop and use such a protection.

The Adrian is made of steel and weighs about 700 g / 1.5 lbs.
Our copy model has the hat size (inner liner size) of about 60 cm /23.6" and has an adjustable liner inside.

French Adrian helmet, WW1

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Subject:AH6141 French Adrian helmet, WW1