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Brunton Compass w. Hardwood Box, Replica S15 Brunton Compass w. Hardwood Box, Replica

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This Brunton compass is handmade from solid brass. It is a meticulously crafted reproduction of the original compass invented in 1894 by the Canadian geologist D.W.Brunton. Brunton compasses are still being made and used today no matter how many advances are made with laser surveying instruments or GPS systems.

If you need a modern ?Brunton? please see under google with the following search sentence:

Tips for selecting a Brunton pocket transit for geology

You can find there also detailed instructions how to use a Brunton compass, and we trust that our detailed photos are almost self-explanatory.

Overall dimensions of compass: 7cms x 3.5 cms. (3? x 1.5?)

As a bonus we supply a handcrafted hardwood box with the compass.
Its dimensions are 11 cms x 9 cms x 5.5 cms (4.5? x 3.5? x 2?),a brass anchor and enforcement brass pieces are meticulously inlaid into the hardwood.

Total weight of compass and box : 680 g (1.5 lbs).

Brunton Compass w. Hardwood Box, Replica

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