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Russian schaschka / shashqa - Cossacks AH3296 Russian schaschka / shashqa - Cossacks

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This shashqa type originates from the Caukasus and means "long knife" in the Cherkess language.

In the 19th century the Caucasian Cossacks adopted the shashqa from the Circassians as standard weapon for their cavalry.
It has been in use by the Cossack clans and Caucasian people until today.

The shashqa differs from the usual sabres as it does not have a guard.

The blade is just slightly curved. There is a fuller almost along the full length of the blade in order to reduce the weight.

Our replica is a copy of an original shashqa. The stelle blade is blunt; the handle is mostly made of brass with a wooden grip.
The sheath is made of leather-covered wood.

Total length (sabre with sheath): 100 cm / 39.3"
Blade length: Approx. 82 cm / 32.2"
Total weight: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs

Russian schaschka / shashqa - Cossacks

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Subject:AH3296 Russian schaschka / shashqa - Cossacks